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"Maxwell Therapy has helped me to improve my range of motion in my shoulder well beyond my expectations. I would reccomend their facility to everyone. It is private and they show they really care." - Jennifer G. 1/2016

"Went and had a massage from Kristen. It was a wonderful experience. I left feeling relaxed and pain free. Highly recommend." - Aaron G. 1/2016

"I had a massage with Shanna from Maxwell Therapy for the first time today. She was awesome! She was able to identifythe areas that I have problems with without me telling her.I felt asthough she gave her all to make me feel better. She woked very hard and treated me very special. I thank her for that. Max Well has good specials and good pricing. I felt that the massage was well worth it." - Patricia U. 12/2015

"the staff is always professional and friendly, not to mention they always start on time" - Andrea G. 11/2015

"Love my therapy experience everyone is nice and truly cares about progress" - Tameka J. 11/2015

"Caring, effective, supportive, tireless, there are so many ways I could describe the individuals I have worked with at Max Well. I have worked closely with PTs Dan and Janine, and PT Tech Tabitha through the last couple months, as well as Pam, one of the massage therapists. I came into Max Well as a scared and defeated, injured medical student, having just taken year off to tend to a chronic foot injury. I was in a hit and run accident and my foot injuries, though tempered for a while, increasibly immobilized me, until I could no longer walk without extreme pain and exercising was out of the question. An MRI revealed that I had a completely destroyed tendon, dislodged bone, and my calf had now tightened in compensating, creating new problems. I knew that my foot and calf would never be the same. I still have not fully digested this reality, but I would be nowhere near my current physical and mental state without the positivity and encouragement of these individuals. I share all of this to say that I have known the physical and emotional struggle of having a chronic injury let alone being disabled by it. And with the added insight of a medical background, I am all the more impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of these clinicians. They have consistently pushed me with new exercises and always to the perfect point: past my comfort zone but within my abilities. On your worst days, they will stand by you until you leave with a renewed sense of spirit, and on your best days they will celebrate with you and remind you of all that you have accomplished. From the bottom of my heart, I wish I could employ these individuals as teammates in my future practice. Please do yourself a favor and look no further than Max Well for your therapeutic needs. All the best," - Maral B. 11/2016