Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy brings together cognitive, physical and motor skills.

We treat both children and adults!

The aim of OT is to enable the individual to gain independence and participate more fully in life.

For a child with autism, the focus may be on appropriate play, learning and basic life skills.

An occupational therapist will evaluate the child’s development as well as the psychological, social and environmental factors that may be involved. The therapist will then prepare strategies and tactics for learning key tasks to practice at home, in school and other settings.

Occupational therapy is usually delivered in 30 minute to one hour sessions with the frequency determined by the needs of the child.

Goals of an OT program might include independent dressing, feeding, grooming  and use of the toilet, as well as improved social, fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

OT is provided by certified occupational therapists.