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With employers paying more than 15 to 20 billion dollars in workers' compensation costs each year, our goal at Max Well Therapy is to effectively partner with employers to help reduce the cost of work-related injuries by focusing on improving injury prevention and injury management.  We are a licensed WorkSTEPS provider assisting employers in establishing legally compliant work injury and disability management programming.

The WorkSTEPS program is designed to provide employers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, customized to the employer's specific needs and goals and proactively addressing work injury prevention and management. This program continues to gain national recognition as one of the largest providers of standardized functional employment testing in the nation and is recognized throughout the United States as one of the finest ADA/EEOC-compliant functional testing products available. The functional testing incorporates a baseline ergonomic, as well as medical and physical capability measures to help appropriately match hires to job positions.

The WorkSTEPS employment testing program helps:

  • identify individuals who do not meet job specific strengths
  • provide employers with a pass/fail recommendation
  • appropriately match current and new employees to the physical demands of their jobs
  • substantiate legitimate injuries and disqualify fraudulent claims
  • reduce employee turnover
  • expedite employee return to work

Employer Benefits

  • Do not pay for pre-existing conditions
  • Only pay to rehabilitate to baseline levels
  • Reclassify or decline to hire employees who are not strong enough 
  • Do not pay anything for doctor releases, hold harmless and extra measures to clear a condition
  • Receive policies and scientific data to control return to work decisions
  • Save $30 to every $1 spent

        Tests Available

  • Carpal tunnel/Repetitive motion syndrome
  • Post-offer (1-1/2 hr. assessment)
  • Fit for duty (existing employee not injured)
  • Fit for duty (existing employee injured)
  • Functional capacity evaluation~FCE (injured employee prior to returning to work)

For more information call our office 810.230.9750 or visit http://www.worksteps.com/ 

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