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Sensory Processing

Free Virtual Sensory Workshop! 

  1. Does your child enjoy spinning their self or toys?
  2. Does your child not like getting hair or nails cut?
  3. Does your child get upset at loud, unexpected noises?
  4. Does your child purposely bump into you, furniture, walls, etc. 
  5. Does your child enjoy bright and colorful lights? 
  6. Does your child seem bothered when falling or receiving a minor injury?

Join Jenna Wellman MSOT OTRL (occupational therapist) for an informative workshop on the sensory system and how it impacts the daily life of your child. We will cover what our senses are, how it impacts your child and ways to help your child with any sensory difficulties they may have. 

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Some kids seem to have trouble handling the information their senses take in—things like sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. Besides these common senses, there are also two other less well known ones that can be affected—proprioception, or a sense of body awareness, and vestibular sense, which involves movement, balance, and coordination.

Kids with sensory processing issues experience too much or too little stimulation through these senses. They may also have difficulty integrating sensory information—for example things that they see and hear simultaneously, like a person speaking—might seem out of sync for them.

These problems can be tough on kids, and get in the way of them functioning effectively, learning, and making friends.  (childmind.org)

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